Our Workshop Format:

  1. Warmup - Physical and Vocal, Student Introductions.
  2. Acting News - Students share progress, get support, and share casting info with fellow students.
  3. Acting Exercises and/or Improv Games with Teaching Point.
  4. Scripted Material* - the bulk of class time will be spent on the scripted material.

*Types of scripted material are on a 4-week rotation:

  1. Commercials including Slating. Improvised and Scripted Commercials are addressed.
  2. 2-person Scene, with both people onstage (like theatre).
  3. TV & Film Auditions using a Scene, with only one actor onstage/on-camera, like a self-tape.
  4. Monologues - Students may bring in their own, or do one that the instructor provides.


Anytime a student wants to bring in her/his own material to prepare for an audition, s/he may do that instead of working on the scripted material that everyone else is doing.​

Click on Your Age Group to Sign Up:​​

Our Weekly Workshops are open to the public. Your first time is FREE!  These Workshops are intended for:

1) Anyone who would like to attend drop-in acting classes. Beginners and experienced actors alike are welcome, and can each student work at her/his own level. You will have fun flexing your acting muscles in a fun, fast-paced class, with no commitment required.​​

2) Prospective students who are interested in auditioning for our Elite Program, and who would like to try a free sample class.

3) Current CSA Students in the Elite Program who enjoy receiving extra instruction time, at no additional cost!



  1. Just click on your age group above.
  2. The sign-up form will prompt you to PAY PER CLASS.

Option 2) PAY MONTHLY & ENJOY SAVINGS! (No Enrollment Fee!)

  1. 5:00-6:30 Tweens 6-12     $105 per month
  2. 6:30-8:00 Teens&Adults  $105 per month

Note: By paying for a month, you agree to the following:

  • 3-month minimum commitment. For example, if you pay for your first month on May 14th, you agree that your same card will be charged on June 14th, and July 14th.
  • Your tuition charges will continue on the same day each month until you provide notice (to  that you wish to cancel. 10 DAYS MINIMUM NOTICE IS REQUIRED to cancel your enrollment. For example, if your tuition processes on the 14th, you must notify us on or before the 4th.
  • Monthly tuition costs the same as attending 3 classes. Monthly tuition is always the same, regardless of how many classes fall in that month. There will always be at least 3. Usually there will be 4, and sometimes there will be 5 class sessions in a month, depending on how the calendar falls.​

Weekly Workshops: Drop-In Acting Classes. Open to the Public and Current CSA Students.