Online Tuition Payment - Military & Sibling Discount

We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but were unable to process your tuition this month. We hope this will be an easy way to bring your tuition current. Please click the button below to process this month's tuition. Please do not hesitate to call us at 720-233-4832 if you have any questions. Thank you for your participation in the Colorado School of Acting Elite Program.

If today's date is the 1st or earlier, please click the appropriate button below to process your tuition:

                                             $195 for Tweens, Teens, and Young Adults

                                             $145 for Showbiz Kids

If today is the 2nd of the month or later, please use the buttons below to include the $35 late fee.

                                             $195 for Tweens, Teens, and Young Adults

                                             $145 for Showbiz Kids