Online Acting Classes!

Get the Training, Guidance, & Access you've been looking for.

We heard you! You live halfway around the world (or just a few hours away) and you want to study here! So we now have online acting classes. The curriculum is the same as our in-person classes. And... You get 10 Special Events including Agent Showcases and Casting Director Workshops, FREE!

We offer fully remote learning for the Elite Program (info below in the blue box), Voice Over for Adults, or Acting Workshops for Tweens or Teens.

We offer our Elite Program for Young Actors as a FULLY REMOTE OPTION!

Tweens & Teens Ages 9 to 19 may audition.



  • Our Zoom Level 1 Classes meet on Saturdays. 
    • 9:00am - 10:30am  Mountain Standard Time (MST) - Denver, Colorado.
    • Advanced Zoom Students who have completed at least 1 full year in the Elite Program meet 12 noon to 1:30pm.


  • After your audition, if you are invited to enroll. the minimum commitment is 12 months. After that it, is month to month.
  • Your Monthly tuition includes 4 things:
  1. ‚ÄčElite Program Classes on Zoom - The most important part!
    • Saturdays at 9:00-10:30am (MST).
    • Be sure to attend every week to get the full value of the instruction that you are paying for!
  2. Weekly Workshops on Zoom - Included FREE!
    • Wednesdays evenings: 5:00pm for 12& Under, 6:30pm for Teens 13+.
    • These Workshops have a different instructor, and cover different lessons, than your Elite Program classes.
    • They nicely round out your acting education for no extra cost!
  3. Coaching Club on Zoom - Included FREE!
    • Need help learning lines? Log onto Coaching Club. Available 3:30-5:00pm Mon / Wed / Fri.
    • This is a life-saver for actors AND PARENTS when you start getting regular auditions.
  4. Monthly Special Events - Included FREE!
    • February & September: Self Tape Video Audition Workshops
    • March & October: Colorado Area Showcases for Theatre Industry & Ad Industry
    • April & November: Audition Workshop taught by Top Casting Director
    • May & December: LA Agent / Manager Showcase
    • June: CSA Awards Ceremony: Actors get recognized for their work in the Elite Program
    • July: Summer Play: Live Theatre Starring Our Students! Yes, we have a Zoom cast of the show!
    • You get to remotely attend all of the cool Monthly Special Events that are included in the Elite Program.
      • *Except for the Headshots-for-All events that are offered in January and August. We have not figured out a way to do great headshots remotely, but you are welcome to travel to Denver to get your headshots taken at those times. Keep in mind it is a mini-session with only 1 headshot included, so it is probably more cost-effective and time-effective to get acting headshots taken near you instead of traveling to Denver for the free Headshots-for-All event.