CSA Student Headshots

Each new student who is accepted into the CSA Elite Program will attend headshot sessions with the other new students. Please note the cost is already covered in your Enrollment Fee. You will wear three different "looks." You get the photos from the entire shoot, plus you get to order four images to be touched-up: Smiley, Serious, Three-Quarters, and one Wild Card!

What are Headshots?
Headshots are photographs that actors use in order to get auditions and work. A headshot is basically an advertisement for yourself. Thus, is should LOOK LIKE YOU! That is the most important quality in a headshot. It should look like you - when you are looking really good! It should be engaging, show your personality, and should clearly show your face and eyes.

Once you have completed your session, you may select the four images which the photographer will retouch & "polish." The images will be delivered to you as hi-res digital files of the pictures.

Continuing Students, if you would like to update your headshots through a CSA session, please go ahead and sign up. You get the exact same thing as new students: 4 images as hi-res files.   

Info on Wardrobe - Hair - Makeup

  • Clothing: Camera-friendly clothing that looks great in headshots: SOLID COLORS, SIMPLE NECKLINES. Look for colors that enhance your eyes and skin tone. Bold or deep colors such as jewel tones tend to work well. Avoid busy patterns.
  • Changes: You will wear a total of 3-4 different looks. Please bring 6 or more tops each time. No need to change your lower half.
  • Jewelry: Little or none. We want the focus to be on your eyes and smile!
  • Hair: Please have hair clean and neatly groomed. Stay away from bows, clips, etc. - think 'simple.' The way your hair looks in your headshot is exactly the way it should look for all your auditions until you change your headshot. If you are thinking about changing your hair, do it BEFORE you get your pix! It is a waste of money to get headshots and then change your hair, so your headshots are no longer current.
  • Face: Please come with your face clean and moisturized. You are welcome to bring your own makeup, but please do not apply it.

The four types of headshots you'll get:

  1. Smiley a.k.a. Commercial Headshot - Used for Commercials, 1/2 Hour TV, Musical Theatre...
  2. Serious a.k.a. Theatrical Headshot - Used for Film, 1-Hour TV, Serious Theatre...
  3. Three Quarters (3/4) Shot - Gives Casting a Little More Info About the Rest of Your Appearance.
  4. Plus One Wild Card! - This one is selected on a case-by-case basis. It might be in-between smiley and serious, like a half- smile. It might be more model-y. It might show a SPECIAL SKILL you have, such as playing an instrument or a sport. Or it might show another great side of your personality. Often these wind up being your most-used headshots if they show just a hint of a smile: not quite Commercial, not quite Theatrical, just Fun and Mysterious!