How to Audition

for the CSA Elite Program

Step 1:  Click this button to 

Step 2:  CSA Acting Audition!

Step 3:  Callbacks are the same day.

  • If you are a possible candidate for the program based on your first reading, you may be given a callback slip and a short acting script to memorize. Callbacks will be after the first round of auditions. Keep 2 to 3 hours free after your audition time in case you progress all the way.

Step 4:  Results.

  • After your callback, you will either be offered placement in the program, or you will be offered acting feedback and the chance to audition again for the next session.

Step 5:  Persist!

  • If you do not get a callback, or if you are not immediately offered placement, do not be discouraged! Many of our wonderful students auditioned more than once. Try again next time!