Our Workshops Follow this Format:

  1. Warmup - Physical and Vocal, Student Introductions.
  2. Acting News - Students share progress, get support, and share casting info with fellow students.
  3. Acting Exercises and/or Improv Games with Teaching Point.
  4. Scripted Material* - the bulk of class time will be spent on the scripted material.

*Types of scripted material are on a 4-week rotation:

  1. Commercials including Slating. Improvised and Scripted Commercials are addressed.
  2. 2-person Scene, with both people onstage (like theatre).
  3. TV & Film Auditions using a Scene, with only one actor onstage/on-camera, like a self-tape.
  4. Monologues - Students may bring in their own, or do one that the instructor provides.

Note: Anytime a student wants to bring in her/his own material to prepare for an audition, s/he may do that instead of working on the scripted material that everyone else is doing.​

Our Weekly Workshops are open to the public. They are intended for:

  1. Any actors who would like to attend a drop-in acting class. Beginners and experienced actors alike are welcome, and can each work at their respective levels. You will have fun flexing your acting muscles in a fun, fast-paced class, with no commitment required.​​
  2. Prospective students who are interested in enrolling in our school, and who would like to sample a class.
  3. Current CSA Students in the Elite Program to come and get extra instruction time, at no additional cost!

Weekly Workshops: Drop-In Acting Classes. Open to the Public and Current Students.