​​​​How to Enroll in the Voice Over Workshop

Step 1: Carefully check the dates and location. Tuition is nonrefundable.

Step 2: Pay your tuition here:                                                                             

Step 3: List your name as an enrolled student!                                              

Professional Demo Add-On Available!

Dates & Times: Class will meet for 6 Thursdays from 6:30 to 8:00pm.
10/12, 10/19, 10/26, 11/02, 11/09, 11/16

Class Location: 
CSA Centennial, 5730 E Otero Ave, Suite 600, Centennial CO 80112
(*Demos will be Recorded on Saturday 12/2. Location TBA.)

Are You A Talker Or A Doer?

This Class Is For Doers.

We get calls almost every day from people wanting to break into Voice Over. What's not to love about doing creative work in your PJs? But like anything worthwhile, it requires commitment and consistent effort. We want students who are going to take action, and not give up. We want "doers." If you aren't determined to become a voice over actor, then please don't register. This class is for people who know what they want, and are ready to make it happen. Like Kevin Hart says, 'BE A DOER.'  If that is you, then register and take control of your Voice Over future.

- CSA Director Troy Horne

Estimated Expenses (in addition to the 297 tuition) could include:

  • Computer: $500-1000  (If you already have one, there is no need to buy one.)
  • Microphone: $100-1000  (Cost depends on your preference and how much you want to invest.)
  • Software: Free - $1000  (Cost depends on your preference and how much you want to invest.)

​If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us at: 720-233-4832.​ We are excited to help you reach your goals!

What does the Voice Over 6-Week Workshop include? 

This Voice Over Workshop includes 6 Thursday Sessions with:

  • Time on Microphone for Each and Every Student
  • Individualized Professional Coaching
  • Coaching on How to Get Yourself Opportunities
  • Question and Answer Session
  • Periodic Sessions with VO Pro Artists & Casting Directors
  • Professional Demo Add-On Available. 
  • Additional Tuesday Acting Classes Included, FREE!

All of our students will leave this Voice Over Workshop with a greater understanding of the industry. You will also have the skills and the tools needed to begin your journey in the world of VO. If you are serious about breaking into the VO circle, then this class is designed for you. You will need to be able to bring a computer to class. You should also be able to financially afford a microphone and possible software needed to pursue voice acting. 

​​Voice Over 6-Week Workshop 

​Are You Ready to Unlock the Power of Your Voice?

Voice Over Workshop will meet for 6 Thursdays.

It is for beginners or intermediate students.

Learn how to break into Voice Over from Industry Professionals

working in major markets as well as right here in Denver!  

Voice Over Workshop Tuition is  $297.​