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​​​​​​​#1 Summer Acting Camp 2017

A Fun Film-Making Day-Camp for Ages 9 to 16.

July 10-21st                                                    July 10-28th

Summer Acting Camp meets at CSA Centennial.

Cross streets: County Line & Holly.  MAP​​​​

All campers get to participate in all aspects of the film, from concept to completion. They will all have speaking roles, and will serve as the writers, producers, and film crew, led by a professional filmmaker! We have lots of fun, making friends and hanging out at the park for breaks and meals.

​Be sure to check your schedule carefully before enrolling, as enrollment is nonrefundable.

We can't wait to see you and make a movie!

   ENROLL HERE FOR CENTENNIAL SUMMER CAMP in July 2017!      Need more info? Call 720-233-4832.

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    2-Week Acting Summer Camp: ​Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm. July 10th-21st                                                                         
    3-Week Acting Summer Camp: Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm, July 10th-28th                                                                                           

    Please note: Due to limited space, enrollment is not refundable under any circumstances. It is transferrable.

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WEEK 1: Pre-Production
Rehearsal, learning lines, developing characters, scheduling, planning shots,

story-boarding, costuming, set design, location-scouting, etc.

WEEK 2: Production
Shooting! In addition to acting in the film, campers will

help with lighting, sound/boom, camera duties, etc.

WEEK 3: Post-Production

(3rd Week is Optional)

Editing the film, after effects, color correction, sound design, etc.

"Post" is when the real movie magic happens!