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What do all of these young actors have in common?

They got signed by Hollywood Talent Agents & Managers at DENVERWOOD!

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Denverwood Talent Showcase

Actors Perform for Hollywood Agents & Managers!

March 3-5, 2017

And it doesn't cost $5,000!

Our 3-day event is just $997.

Why? Because an acting career is not a one-shot deal. Just like ballet, soccer, or piano, acting is a skill that you develop over time. It takes a lot of experience to become an expert! Also, relationships develop over time. The Entertainment Industry is like every other industry in that they like to work with people they know and trust - trust to show up, to be prepared, to not be difficult. If you spend a ton of money on one event, hoping to "get discovered," how are you supposed to keep training and keep getting in front of people who can help your career? You have to DISCOVER YOURSELF and commit to sticking with acting until you reach your goals! Ask any working actor, and they will tell you it's a marathon, not a sprint. Keep showing up, and keep improving! We empower actors and parents to take charge of their own careers! And wouldn't you know, when you do that, you become the type of actor that agents and managers want to represent.

DENVERWOOD Events are when we bring top industry guests from Hollywood, to scout talent in Denver.

ACTORS age 5 to 25 are eligible to participate.

3-day event!

Day 1: Coaching & Prep.  Day 2: Showcase!  Day 3: Callbacks & Awards.

Actors will perform for, connect with, and get written feedback & tips from our industry guests.​

Coaching beforehand is included!

Parents will get a comprehensive crash course on how to best support your young actors!


All participants will meet and learn from the experience of Elias Harger (Max on Netflix's Fuller House)

and his mom Jeni Harger (Acting Mom Extraordinaire).

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