The First and Only Career School for Actors in the State of Colorado!

The CSA Career Program
A Comprehensive Professional Training Program
for Serious Young Actors (Ages 4 to 25).

*High Schoolers can earn credit for the Career Program!

The Career Acting Program at CSA is a major commitment (1 year minimum). If you are serious about acting and ready to take it to the next level, and looking for a program that provides not only acting classes, but also tools, support, and opportunities for your acting career, then you'll want to Try a Workshop, and Audition for our Career Program.

In Level 1 you will study:
+ Acting Theory from Stanislavski to Hagen
+ Breaking Down and Performing Scenes
+ Selecting, Breaking Down, Preparing & Performing Monologues
+ Audition & Interview Technique, Cold Reading, and 'About Me' Spiel

How to act in Film, Televsion, and Commercials

You will emerge from Level 1 with professional headshots, a formidable web presence, the ability to find your own work, dramatic and comedic audition monologues performance ready, an understanding of the business, an organized and scientific approach to your auditions and networking, at least 12 auditions under your belt, and at least 2 jobs on your resume, and much more!

In Level 2, you will go on to study Sitcom Acting, Creating a Unique and Marketable Character, Improvisation, and more in-depth Acting Technique. Level 3 delves into writing and production, and Level 4 builds on all of that plus a focus on marketing. Students age 13 and up are eligible to advance through Levels 2, 3, and 4.

Our acting classes meet year-round, and everything we do in class culminates in a performance and learning opportunity with Guest Industry Professionals. Fall Semester features a local Showcase and a Denverwood Event, where students perform for and learn from top Hollywood figures such as agents and casting directors. Spring Semester includes another Showcase and Denverwood Event, plus our Ada Awards Ceremony where the actors get to perform for their peers, family, and friends, and get recognized for the work they have done over the past year. Summer session is all production: students act in a professional theatre production that is performed on-stage for live audiences, and also filmed.

We offer our Career Program Acting Classes for:

  • Broadway Babies 4-6      1 to 2..5 hours of class per week         Tuition: $145 monthly

  • Showbiz Kids 7-9              1 to 2..5 hours of class per week         Tuition: $145 monthly
  • Tweens 10-12                      1.5 to 3 hours of class per week        Tuition: $195 monthly
  • Teens 13-17                         1.5 to 3 hours of class per week        Tuition: $195 monthly
  • Young Adults 18-25           1.5 to 3.5 hours of class per week     Tuition: $195 monthly

Required weekly acting classes are 60 minutes for Broadway Babies and Showbiz Kids, and  90 minutes for Tweens, Teens, and Young Adults. In addition, all students can attend Weekly Workshops for no extra charge (adding 90 to 120 minutes more instruction.)

AUDITIONS for the Career Program are held monthly. ​Want to learn more?

Try a Workshop!